Flu  - symptoms, treatment, complications, vaccinations

Flu - symptoms, treatment, complications, vaccinations

Infectious Diseases

Influenza is an acute viral disease that kills thousands of people every year. We often struggle to distinguish it from the common cold or a bacterial infection. What are the symptoms of influenza, how can we treat it and what should you do in order not to get sick in the future?

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A few words about flu

Influenza, or flu, is a serious acute illness caused by a respiratory infection with the virus. There are three types of influenza virus: A, B and C. Viruses A and B are the cause of severe illness and epidemics, while type C is a less dangerous form of the disease.

How do we get infected?

The infection is caused by:

Flu or a cold?

The flu and the common cold are two different diseases. The main difference here is the significant severity of symptoms and the rapid rate of their rise in the case of influenza, as well as the high risk of complications.

Symptoms Cold Flu
Beginning Gradually worsening symptoms The disease begins abruptly
A sense of weakness Small and short-lived - a few days Significant - can last for 2-3 weeks
Fever Subfebrile state, body temperature usually does not exceed 38 ° C High, even up to 40 ° C, lasting for 3-4 days
Chills Rarely Often strong, especially before the onset of fever
Arthralgia (joint pain) Slight Very intense
Muscle aches They do not occur or are not very severe Very intense
Headaches Rarely, not very strong Intensive
Runny nose Very often, a characteristic symptom Rarely or does not occur
Cough Scratching in the throat, not very severe, beginning to dry, then wet Dry, suffocating, persistent; Often accompanied by chest pain and shortness of breath
Sore throat Often, a characteristic symptom Rarely or does not occur
Hoarseness Often, a characteristic symptom Rarely or does not occur
Conjunctivitis Rarely Often
Duration 7 days, usually about 5 days 10 days, but symptoms of weakness can occur up to 3 weeks
Treatment Rest, symptomatic treatment, home remedies and herbal remedies Medical advice may be required, especially if the symptoms are severe
Complications Rarely; possible secondary bacterial infections Multi-organ; most often pneumonia, bronchitis, myocarditis, respiratory failure

How long will the patient be infected?

How can you treat the flu?

General recommendations:

Causal treatment (antiviral drugs):

When should you talk to a doctor?

You should report to a doctor if:

How can you protect yourself against flu?

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